Guyson International proudly announces its recent acquisition of Valeport (Services) Ltd. This acquisition marks Guyson's integration of Valeport’s products into its portfolio. Based originally in Devon, Valeport (Services) Ltd has shifted its production operations to Guyson’s main headquarters in Skipton, Yorkshire.

Valeport (Services) provides a solution for drilling wire holes into hexagonal, square, and circular sections, an issue of particular prevalence to the automotive and aerospace sectors. Conventional drilling methods often necessitate drilling on an angular surface. Even when using jig bushes, which are tools used to guide cutting tools in metalworking jigs, the drill point lacks initial support. As a result, it can end up drilling on only one side, leading to catching, bending, and ultimately breaking of the drill. This issue also arises when exiting through an angled face, making deburring necessary. Challenges such as misaligned holes, drill breakages, and component damage can cause significant losses in manufacturing time, cost, and critical stock.

In response, Valeport (Services) presented a pioneering solution called Drill Jigging, facilitated by their Chevron Jig and Chevron, the original patent of which dates back to 1967. A clamp securely holds the component, while a spring-loaded plunge loads the Chevron for drilling. The Chevron Jig ensures a flat surface, and consistent full-diameter cuts throughout drilling, offering superior precision and time-saving capabilities compared to competitors. Transitioning from drilling through mild steel to component material becomes seamless. Wire-locking holes are as effortless as drilling through a flat bar, ensuring even semi-skilled workers can execute a quick and easy drilling process.

The resulting cost savings from reduced drill breakages and scrapped components make it a financially prudent choice for businesses of all sizes. Leading companies specialising in hydraulic systems, fuel pumps, and electric actuators have already invested in a Chevron Jig and are experiencing the benefits tenfold.

For inquiries about Valeport (Services) Ltd and its product offerings, contact Guyson at or 01756 799911.

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