To kick off the New Year, Guyson International, the UK’s leading industrial finishing equipment manufacturer, has just issued a new ‘Standard Blast Products’ brochure that all in one place showcases its comprehensive range of ‘standard’ blast cabinets. This glossy twelve page brochure features their premium ATEX rated blast cabinets, its professional Euroblast® range, light industrial Formula cabinets and specialist alloy wheel refurbishment cabinets.

Potential customers are invited to use the brochure, in conjunction with a Guyson sales engineer, to guide them in selecting the most appropriate machine for their specific application. This consultation will be assisted by free sample evaluation, undertaken in Guyson’s ‘Component Finishing Centre’ which will validate the optimum blast media, pressure settings and machine type to fulfil the customer’s process requirements.

Interestingly the introduction explains the company’s long 80-year pedigree in manufacturing in the UK and also its worldwide facilities to support customers regionally in surface finishing technologies. A good overview is included of Guyson’s other product ranges including; robotically controlled automated blast and peening systems; ultrasonic cleaning equipment, from benchtop baths to large multi-stage automated systems that use either solvent or aqueous cleaning solutions and rotary basket aqueous spray washers; all for precision cleaning processes.

Euroblast Ex Atex Page

Featured products include the Euroblast range of suction and pressure feed blast cabinets; chosen for rugged industrial surface finishing applications like grit, bead and shot blasting. A newly launched equipment range is the Euroblast Ex range of fully ATEX certified blast systems which incorporates a manual blast cabinet, cyclone separator, dust collector and tumble basket option. These Ex units have been designed especially for use in potentially explosive atmospheres often found in Additive Manufacturing (AM) applications where the use of fine powders of materials such as Polyamide polymer, Aluminium, Titanium and other reactive metals, can create potentially explosive atmospheres.

The newly uprated Guyson Formula entry level blast product, offering a simple yet effective solution for light to medium blast applications is introduced with new safety door, airwash line and gun, LED lighting with switch and convenient UK and European single-phase plug design. Guided by the Guyson sales engineer the choice from the comprehensive range of process control cyclone separators and dust collectors presented in the brochure assures optimum selection. Also featured are the garage equipment Wheelmaster and industrial small component Tumbleblast equipment.

Supportively, the last two pages highlight the ‘full service’ nature of Guyson’s business covering the company’s customer service, extensive spares and blast media provision and highly trained specialist field service team who install, commission and service their equipment all over the world. Worldwide contact details for each of the company’s five sites are available on the back page.

The glossy printed brochure is available now; free to all existing and prospective customers, from our Guyson Customer Service Department by phoning 01756 799911 or emailing

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