Leading specialist finishing equipment manufacturer Guyson International has recently upgraded its entire range of Kerry branded ultrasonic KS cleaning tanks. All models have been improved with an extended feature set and vastly upgraded operational performance that delivers superior cleaning results in faster start up times.

This uprated range of high quality ultrasonic cleaning tanks takes advantage of Guyson’s ongoing investment in its in-house engineering capability with new state of the art 3D CAD and Product Data Management (PDM) systems and the complete product range has been fully re-engineered and redrawn incorporating all the latest design best practice.

There are six standard tank sizes in the range with the smallest tank, being the KS300, having a tank capacity of 17.5 litres and extending all the way up to the KS4000 which has a very substantial 247.5 litre capacity. Larger sizes are available to special order. All are robustly constructed using AISI 316L polished stainless steel tanks for durability, whilst Kerry Pulsatron ultrasonic generators ensure powerful parts cleaning and long equipment life.

The newly designed tank range has a varied feature set which aims to deliver very real operational benefits for purchasers with features such as; substantially increased number of heater pads to speedily raise the fluid temperature to operational levels and clearly marked fluid max and min levels on the internal tank wall enable easy filling guidelines also optional low water level sensor housing and wiring is included in the tank build so retrospective take up of that function can be undertaken easily undertaken for the customer without them having to incur excessive costs and rework to the system.

Service friendly features include a removable rear panel to allow service access to rear tank heater mats and now incorporated into the new overall design the generator and processor boards and all major controlling electronics are housed in a lockable cabinet mounted to the side of the tank which allows for much easier access for tuning and servicing. This also removes them from any proximity to the floor where they may have been vulnerable to damp and water ingress.

Guyson’s Kerry KS systems have been designed to achieve optimum cleaning results using aqueous solutions. Ultrasonic transducers bonded to the tank base provide high performance and reliability together with uniform distribution of the ultrasonic energy. The frequency is factory tuned to the individual tank/transducer combination and then optimised under normal usage conditions with frequency sweep and fully automatic tuning.

Typical applications for this type of tank include industrial strength cleaning of machined, extruded, pressed and stamped parts, refurbishment of office equipment, aerospace and automotive engine and gearbox components and maintenance of mould tools, dies, electronic PCB and assembly system parts, food processing machines. High-end quality cleaning includes printed circuit boards, surgical instruments, and laboratory, medical, optical and dental applications.

The Kerry ultrasonic KS tanks allow the user to pre-set exact cleaning times and temperatures, ensuring consistent levels of cleanliness from batch to batch and providing an affordable way to deliver high quality precision cleaning. All functions are controlled by a simple four-button membrane keypad. An LCD panel displays the temperature and time set by the user, the time elapsed since the start of the cleaning process, and the status of the power supply, heater and ultrasonics.

Each unit works within operating temperatures from 20 to 80 degrees Centigrade which can be set in 1-degree increments, allowing the optimum temperature to be selected for a particular combination of component material, cleaning solution and contaminant. Sonics time may be set in the range 0.1 up to 99.9 minutes in 0.1 min increments, or to constant when sonics may be switched on and off manually.

Automatic safety devices include non-operation of sonics if solution temperature is more than 10ºC above set temperature, and low-level protection to prevent heater burn-out if solution level drops.

Standard KS systems operate normally between 34 kHz and 40 kHz and come with the appropriate amount of Kerry Pulsatron M300 generators to deliver robust watts per litre cleaning. Kerry Guysonic generators with Primewave® dual frequency controls, switchable between 36 kHz and 66kHz, are also available if required and come as standard on the KS3000 and KS4000. The higher frequency allows sensitive or difficult parts - such as very fine precision components, intricately shaped parts or fine tubing - to be cleaned both safely and effectively. These can also provide variable power control, and will store a variety of cleaning programs in memory for automatic operation when required.

Guyson offer a free component trial service with no obligation to buy, so if you think you could benefit from using Kerry ultrasonic precision cleaning and would like to prove your cleaning process requirement please contact Guyson International on +44 (0)1756 799911 or email info@guyson.co.uk

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